Design(90%)Base Model(85%)Custom Geo(10%)Customization Rig(80%)Body Rig (97%)


What is this project?The Morpheus Rig 2.0 Kickstarter successfully completed November 7th, 2012. CG Monks is grateful for our sponsors and our backers who have made this project possible. This is where the rig will live when released.  Please take the time to visit our sponsors.
When can I get it!?Alpha testing began in August 2013. Backers(>$25 - now $75) have access to in progress tools and builds. When we feel everything is ready we'll announce beta status - public access will be about six months after that.
Who has access to the rig through beta?Only backers at or above the $25 level prior to 01.03.2014. After that, the base access price went up to $75
Can you still back the project?

Yup. You can back either through this paypal link or through amazon one below. We prefer the amazon method as they don't charge as much for processing fees. If you back now, please give us a day to process and get you setup. We're a bit busy:)

Are any other reward levels from the Kickstarter available?No. They are only available to those who already backed this project.

Development Overview

  • Morpheus Rig 2
  • New more intuitive customization process
  • Marking menu driven rig iteration to avoid issues with dag procs
  • Developed our own expandable modular rigging system
  • Extended the amazing MetaClass work done by Mark Jackson of Red9 Studio to our own ends
  • Tag based auto naming system so that everything created never has to be manually named


  • cgmSegment -- the core of our rig. It is a hybrid of some of our favorite setups. Per joint squash and stretch, full ribbon setup.Built for easy insertion to rig.

Meta data is at the core of how we do things. There far too much to it to go into in a blurb. Our implementation  would not exist for not the amazing work and generosity of Mark Jackson(aka Red9) whom we consider a mentor and friend.

  • cgmDynamicGroup -- class based rewrite of our friend John Doublestein’s setup. Updateable, dynamically switchable, purgable
  • cgmOptionVar -- class based optionVar handler since they’re aren’t actually wrap
  • moduleCurveFactory -- Using a mesh to build controls from. Mesh slicing, and more. Ray casting....pew,pew,pew!

This is our meta take on python functions for maya. It provides common sense core function structure and feature sets. We are in process of migrating all code to this but it will take some time.

Maya’s message connections are great for single connections. We needed stable list connections that don’t duplicate or otherwise do odd things that Maya’s multi-message connections do. We created our own implementation of msgLists as our way of working around these. They are meta managed lists of data and support objects, attributes and more
A still work in progress expression editor type builder for node trees via python.

Our rigs are designed to work off of a procedurally built marking menu that does mirroing, fk/ik snapping, space switching, selection, keying, resetting, and magic...sometimes.


Project Leads: David Bokser & Josh Burton      
Modeling Lead: Matt Berenty     Web Lead: Ryan Comingdeer     Rigging Lead: Josh Burton
Primary Sponsor: CG Spectrum
Secondary Sponsors:  Animation Mentor  &   Faceware Technologies  &  Rigging Dojo
Designers:  Sarah Mensinga     Producers: Derek Doolaege

<<<Team Leads>>>
Forum: Bonny Baez & Sean Quill      Design: Alexei Bresker     Testing: Tomas Gallegos & Stephean Strote

We'd like to offer a special thanks to our featured backers:
Other credits will follow as the project takes shape

Instructions(only for backers)

Our core testers worked hard to get good info here, please read and let this be your first place to go to get info. If you still need help, go to the project dev forums.
What Works Now         Platform Specific          Error Reporting         Known Issues          FAQs     

Install Instructions

Only backers have access to the morpheus pack.
Successful Platforms:
  • Mac (OSX 10.8.2) - Maya 2012
  • PC (Windows 7,8) - Maya 2011/2012/2013
  • Linux (ubunto 12.04) - Maya 2012

The easiest way is to install to your scripts folder.

The Morpheus rig pack will go in the same scripts folder. If you don’t see the following in your maya scripts folder (in addition to your own scripts), things will not work:

  • morpheusRig_v2(folder)
  • cgm(folder)
  • red9(folder)
  • cgmToolbox.mel
  • cgmToolbox.py

Example script paths:

  • PC - 'My Documents\maya\2011-x64\scripts'
  • Mac - 'Macintosh HD/Users/User_Account/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2012/scripts'
  • Linux - 'Home/maya/scripts/' or if going through terminal '/home/username/maya/scripts'

If you want to link to our repos...

You’ll need to do some maya.env work and learn git. Here's a starter.

What Works Now

Making an animation rig is not yet possible. If it’s not listed here, it’s not ready.
  • Body and face shapers are in place for the most part
  • Current MorpheusMaker features - cgmTools>dev>cgm.MorpheusMaker
    • Set active puppets
    • Mirroring
    • Preset - load, save, delete

Platform Specific issues

Linux Font issue - So Linux appears not to install fonts by default in a way that Maya sees them. Without some work our testers found that even just create>text doesn’t work. Thanks to Sean Quill for solving this one.
  • Grab the font files you require from a windows pc (couriernew by default for maya's create text, and arial for use with cgm toolbox)
  • Convert fonts to postscript1 files .pfa format ...... you can do with online converters or you can donwload utilities to do it
  • Place files in the directory /usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1/ (requires root permissions)
  • Open up your arial font file in gedit (also requires root), and there should be five instances where it's called ArialMT, rename these to just arial (small a and drop the MT), save out the edited pfa file and now you should be good to go

Error reporting

PLEASE turn on Script Editor>History>Show Stack Trace. if you run into an issue, please provide the following:
  • What you were doing
  • OS
  • Maya version
  • Stack trace - from the script editor

Known issues

  • 'Type factories Error' - This means you have an old install of zooTools installed. Either udpate the one you have installed or delete it and use the one that ships with the toolbox as it is up to date.
  • Red9’s load button via the cgmToolbox requires two presses to load. If you use native red9 commands, they work fine
  • Fonts don’t work natively in Linux - see platform specific issues
  • Presets currently require cm workspace in maya


I get the following error:{// Warning: Joint orientation aborted. Cannot orient joints bound to skin.}?Turn off auto orient on joint movement (move options - double click the move icon) to get rid of that error
The head size doesn’t load with the face preset option?Correct, the head size is currently a part of the torso group. Only face options will load with the face.